MNK Accountants, have accredited (ICVS) Business Valuation experts who are able to provide detailed and accurate company and business valuation analysis reports for:

• buy-outs;

• exits;

• fund raising;

• negotiations;

• tax planning;

• strategic growth planning;

• arbitration;

• divorce; and

• disputes.


Valuation stages:

• Analysis of the Company, including statutory and management accounts;

• A meeting at our offices in Central London to discuss the business in further detail; and

• Formal valuation report is prepared and sent to the client.


If your purpose of Valuation is company Sales, we are happy to assist you with it. That would involve helping you to sort out any issues that might need addressing prior to sale, current market research, market identification of a range of potential buyers, advertising, communicating and dealing with prospective buyers, assistance in the negotiations and selling.


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